Investor Overview

Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. ("Ortho") is a regenerative medical device company developing proprietary polymers to repair tears in the Rotator Cuff and the Meniscus. These tissues do not currently repair due to a lack of blood supply and an inability to recruit the necessary growth components required to create the environment needed for healing to occur. Ortho's products are provided in a sterile form and are reconstituted using an isolated portion of the patient's blood called platelet rich plasma (PRP). Once injected into the site of the tear, the proprietary polymer forms a scaffold and holds the PRP in and around the tear, creating the biological highway needed for the injury to repair. Importantly, PRP is already frequently applied in the orthopedic surgical suite, meaning no new equipment is needed and the procedure is expected to add under 5 minutes to the surgery already taking place.

The Market

Concentrating on the Rotator Cuff and Meniscus represents a market opportunity of almost 2,000,000 surgeries per year in the US alone and the current standard of care does not provide an adequate treatment. The products under development are intended to address a portion of the $5.6BN sports medicine market growing at 8% annually


Ortho expects to have a very low cost to manufacture and a selling price which will maximize penetration into the very high number of addressable surgeries.

The Team

Our management team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry . Each team member brings their input and professionalism to make Ortho a success.

Our scientific team is led by world leaders in both biopolymer chemistry and cartilage repair. This team has previously developed a system for cartilage repair that was purchased by Smith and Nephew in January 2016.

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board is strong, with world class orthopedic surgeons providing advice on clinical and regulatory requirements to make a successful commercial product. The members are:

Dr. Jack Farr - OrthoIndy, Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Scott Rodeo - Hospital of Special Surgery, New York, NY
Dr. Martyn Snow – The Royal orthopedic Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Ortho is in the process of filing a non-offering prospectus with Canadian securities regulators with the objective of publicly listing its shares before the end of the first half of the year. In parallel, Ortho is seeking to complete a private financing round. This financing is comprised of units priced at CDN$0.50 with each unit comprised of one common share and a half warrant. Each full warrant entitles the holder to acquire one common share at CDN$0.70 for a period of two years. The financing values the company at CDN$6.25M pre money.